Terms Of Services For SMM Hosting

(1) The Customer informs the Provider at least of the following during registering or ordering : - Name and postal address, email address and telephone number of the Customer, consumer or entrepreneur status, Name, postal address, email address, telephone number and fax number of the technical contact for the domain, Name, postal address, email address and telephone and fax number of the administrative contact for the domain, and, if the Customer provides his own name server: additionally, the IP addresses of the primary and secondary name server, including the names of these server.

(2) The Customer is obliged to make proper data back-ups on a regular basis.

(3) The Services Will be Started After Reciept of total payment as per given package Once Package Period is Completed the services will be automatically stopped till payment for further services are recieved

(4) For Monthly and Quaterly Packages No Refund Will intiated in case of cancellation of order

(5) For Half Yearly Service Packages No Refund Shall be Provided for the period of First Quater, for Balance Period Refund Shall be made on Prorata Basis of Services Used And Services Balance
(6) No Refund On Reseller Hosting.